Sunday, April 15, 2012

feeling better! here are some run cycles!

so these are my film characters and they are finally animated!!!
that's because my eyes are mostly all healed!
normally i don't write a lot on this blog but today there are some things that i want to say.

i think word has kind of gotten around that i have not been feeling good these days
actually i had very severe eye strain that caused me to have migraines
and it wasn't just headaches... i was nauseous and too tired to work for about two weeks
but finally yesterday was the first day in a long while that i was able to work properly for the whole day (and today too)
because of this i've cut out about half of the story i originally planned for my film
i'm really sad that i had to experience this and that my film had to suffer, but i'm hopeful that i can still put together a very short but complete animation before the deadline.
since my condition was probably mostly caused by stress and overwork, i am trying to rethink ways i can live a healthier lifestyle. i mean, not only breaks away from the screen, but ways that i can change my attitude and feel less stressed.
when i look back on the past year, mostly i remember a lot of bad things that happened to me. honestly it was a tough year, but i think that i've been forgetting a lot of good things that happened as well! i know it sounds cliche, but from now on i will try to remember the good more than the bad!
(and maybe a little exercise now and then wouldn't hurt either...)
thank you to all my family, friends, teachers and peers for all your support!! (and anybody else!) i am so grateful that in spite of my poor condition this month that i can somehow still make a film and successfully complete this school year!

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