Sunday, August 1, 2010


i took some cheap classes at a near by community art center/school thing
so here is the work i came out with...
in addition to the paintings i posted before
those were from the same class
it's not much but it was good experience... now i feel more confident to paint on my own
but motivation is another question >>;

number one is a landscape painted on site... about 4.5 hours, acrylic
this is the charles river

this is a street in front of the school where i took the class... painted on site, about 2 hours.
somehow i feel like it is sending messages of entrapment... i remember purposefully picking an angle where the cars in front blocked the view of the end of the street... plus the do not enter sign and the fences. i must have been in a strange mood. i like the first one better.

and this one... i think i was kind of bored.


  1. Margo chann i love ur paintings!!! especially the first one! XD ahhh i should do some painting..i am still playing with photoshop but feelings of real paintings are much better!

  2. yeah it's definitely a good experience to paint from life
    landscape painting is so difficult, it was hard for me to get started
    that's why i took the workshops
    i like works from imagination too, but working from life is the best foundation

    but really it's so much harder to mix a color instead of just using the color picker!! lol

  3. love these! and i love how you seemed to focus more on the entirety of the painting rather than minute details! nice job.

    oohh margo. you have inspired me to paint more from life... now that i think about it, i haven't done that in ages. OKAY new project! paint from life!
    ps. i miss you :( <3

  4. : ( i miss you too...
    let's skype sometime~!
    or is talking on the phone better for you? i haven't called you in a long time...

  5. I love your painting, margo~~!
    Did you paint it from photo or real?
    awww so goooood!! nice job.

    :( and I miss you toooo.

  6. sang eun! <3 <3
    the first two are from life
    the last one is from imagination

  7. These are sooo awesome...! 8D