Wednesday, August 25, 2010


for my friend's birthday
gouache + illust board = nostalgia

Friday, August 13, 2010

lazy post

oh this is a quick doodle but
ah i've really been lazy these past few days
well i thought since i'd gained a few pounds maybe i'd finally work it off and i started exercising a lot
and since i exercised a lot i figured that was a good enough excuse to waste away all the rest of my time reading manga
but reading manga is really unfulfilling...
so i doodled a doodle.
doodling doesn't fill my empty stomach. i'm hungry and i can't concentrate.

but but possible film idea~~ they are siblings

Sunday, August 1, 2010


i took some cheap classes at a near by community art center/school thing
so here is the work i came out with...
in addition to the paintings i posted before
those were from the same class
it's not much but it was good experience... now i feel more confident to paint on my own
but motivation is another question >>;

number one is a landscape painted on site... about 4.5 hours, acrylic
this is the charles river

this is a street in front of the school where i took the class... painted on site, about 2 hours.
somehow i feel like it is sending messages of entrapment... i remember purposefully picking an angle where the cars in front blocked the view of the end of the street... plus the do not enter sign and the fences. i must have been in a strange mood. i like the first one better.

and this one... i think i was kind of bored.