Thursday, October 22, 2009

newer better figure drawings etc

here are some recent things i've done at calarts.
first is a silhouette project for my color and design class.
this is for you, ika-yarou.
those dark areas in the corner are shadows the paper cast on my wall.

after hours of cutting this with an exacto knife my left index finger felt like it was going to cut off. it was a painful experience which i will likely soon repeat, seeing as ika-yarou assigned us 5 panels and i've only done 2. yes, this is only a wip.

here are some figure drawings. this is the first time i used marker in my figure drawing. i thought it would be more difficult because usually i am not good with more permanent media (markers, ink, etc) because i like erasing. surprisingly enough i came out with quite a few drawings i really liked, and i realized that i've already improved a lot. unfortunately this was the one day the teacher was absent.

this one is a little older... every time there's a back pose in costume i usually like to draw the garment.
i just realized that all my best drawings are of women. i always thought they were easier to draw, though.

this one is also a little older... that cut off in the corner was another piece of newsprint that i was too lazy to move.

there was another pose to match this next one from the same model, but the teacher kept my drawing. i thought he was going to put it in the display case but he didn't. my temporary goal is to get into the display case. it's sort of a stupid goal because the drawings the teacher picked are based much on his taste and not necessarily the quality of the drawing. not to say that he picks bad drawings, rather that there are other equally worthy drawings that he overlooks for one reason or another. this is what i tell myself when i wonder why my work never gets picked, while other people get pieces picked weekly.

i've done a lot of other work too, like characters and perspective and other things, but since those are not usually my strongest i don't like to post them.

by the way, it's 5:11 AM and my feet are very cold.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

calarts figure drawings

not a figure drawing, but it's interesting:

here are the figure drawings... i did some better stuff more recently, but i haven't taken photos yet.