Saturday, August 15, 2009

these aren't drawings, but...

Recently all I do is make cake. So it seems. Here are 3 cakes I've made in the past month:

First up is the chocolate peanut butter cake. I made this cake with Alison simply because I love chocolate and peanut butter. Unfortunately, no one else seems to love it as much as I do. Thus I ended up eating a larger portion of the cake by myself than planned.

This cake was a super dense chocolate cake with peanut putter frosting on top and between the three layers, topped with a chocolate drizzle. It was overwhelmingly sweet at first, but as the days went on it somehow tasted better. I'd say it was at its best about 4 days after we made it.

Next up is the red velvet cake. I've made one of these before this past spring. My friend requested it for her birthday, so I made it again. The color comes from the 2 bottles of food coloring we added (3 were suggested but it was expensive/I spaced out.) Everyone seems to think there is some kind of magical mystery behind the color (myself included, previously) but it's just plain old food coloring. This cake is actually chocolate, though. It just contains a lot less cocoa than the first. Also, the cream cheese frosting is the best.

Credits on decoration go to my friend, Jenn, who wrote "Happy Birthday" and designed that bunny from burnt cake, two chocolate chips, and frosting.

The last cake, and the most recent one (I made it with Jenn's help again today) was the almond berry cake. There were three layers of almond cake (light and fluffy, made mostly of eggs) with lemon marscapone cheese and cream filling, plus berries between each layer.

Many things did actually go wrong with these cakes but I choose to omit them and show off the pretty pictures.

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